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I have following controller:

public static Result overview() {

    class Earning {
        public int ammount;
        public String description;

    Earning[] earnings = new Earning[5];

    earnings[0].ammount = 5;

    return ok(overview.render(earnings));

I didn't created corresponding object in array as a result in Java I should get: java.lang.NullPointerException

But instead of showing this error Play framework crashes.

Any ideas how not to crash the framework and see the error in first place?

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earnings[0] = new Earning();


earnings[0].ammount = 5;

This way, earnings[0] will hold an Earning object and you would be able to access its ammount field.

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Don't declare the Earning class inside the overview method. It's creating a visibility issue because this class should only be accessible in the method body, but your "leaking" it by passing it to a view.

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