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i am planning to use inkfilepicker.io component for ios for my project. At first look, it seems to be a perfect match for what i want to do, and it will save tons of times if i can use filepicker.io instead of creating my own component.

But i couldn't find a good way to acomplish my usecase scenario written below:

1- User select a social(or local) folder to choose photos (which filepicker does this perfectly)

2- User chooses multiple photos from the thumbnail gallery.

3- When user finishes selecting, the picker component closes and shows the thumbnail photos in my own uicollectionview for a last review.

4- When user "accepts" the files chosen, i'll use 'fpsavecontroller" to upload those files to my s3 bucket.

The key element is letting users select multiple files, get those multiple file list and thumbnails as a dictionary or array, and then uploading those files.

If i cant do this, i'll return back to "Sharekit" which is a pain to integrate into any project even with cocoapods imo..

Thanks for helping..

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