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I have several classes that I am using swig to wrap for an embedded Lua script. We have already defined what we want the function calls to look like.


The problem is that SWIG doesn't seem to have an option to define how it generates the library name. The c++ class looks like this.

class Display
    static void writeLine(char *);

I can easily get SWIG to wrap this function, it's just that always shows up like this Display_writeLine()

So instead of just using my custom namespace, I would have to do


which is not what I want. I have tried experimenting with the rename rules but nothing seems to work. Right now I have an extern C function that then calls my static function but it's an extra call I don't need. Seems like it should be something simple...

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You can easily make a shortcut for your function that does same of function code and load the file on start:

display = {}

function display.writeline(str)
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yeah I'm basically doing something like that right now but I thought there may be a cleaner solution –  Dan Q Aug 18 '13 at 19:33

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