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Is there an equivalent of dgemm (from BLAS) for integral types? I only know of dgemm, sgemm for double precision / single precision matrices, but would like to have it for matrices that are of integral type such as int (or short int...).

Note: I'm not looking for a solution that involves converting to float/double, and am looking for a fast library implementation.

Also, same question for dgemms (using strassen algorithm).

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You did not specify a programming language. In C++, you could interface with a matrix library such as Eigen (disclaimer: I'm associated with this project). Eigen uses vectorization so it should be pretty fast - make sure you enable vectorization - but I didn't do any experiments so I'm not sure. There are some complicated alignment issues that may be a problem for you, but I'm not familiar with them.

This SO question discusses various C++ matrix libraries, mainly in the context of computer graphics.

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BLAS algorithms don't natively support integer types.

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That's what I suspected, but is there any other library to do this? Even a naive implementation on unisgned chars without overflow checking is ~10 times slower than dgemm using doubles. I'd hope there would be a way to 1) avoid memory+time bottleneck involved in converting to intermediate floating point types. –  spirov Dec 2 '09 at 2:53
portal.acm.org/… This is a link to some research published by acm on exact linear algebra for blas. You might query the authors on how to get the libraries they developed. –  Paul Dec 3 '09 at 18:43

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