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I know how I can switch between multiple MembershipProviders, if they are of the type Membership, like:

  MembershipProvider provider;
  if ( username.Text.StartsWith("G\") then
    provider = Membership.Providers["GlobalProvider"];
    provider = Membership.Providers["StandardProvider"];

  if ( provider.ValidateUser( ...

But I have troubles if ONE of them is the WebSecurity Provider, which VS2012 uses in the Internet-Template, which is an instance of ExtendedMembershiprovider. I would like to use this one for Membership/Access to an Administration-area of a website, whereas the rest of the site uses a Third-Party custom membershipprovider for access of users to certain other areas.

So I think it boils down to the question:

How can I switch between instance Membership and ExtendedMembership?

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I could find out current provider using

    // Current provider
    var provider = Membership.Provider;

    // List of providers
    var providers = Membership.Providers;

You can also check whether current provider is derived from ExtendedMembershipProvider or not using:

ExtendedMembershipProvider extendedMembershipProvider = Membership.Provider as ExtendedMembershipProvider;

Not sure this is what you want, thought might be useful for you.

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