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I am unsure if I have a bug or my understanding of labeling in TFS is faulty. I have a situation where I have a file I expect to have a specific label assigned to it.

I have 2 projects, the main project and the 3rd party project. I apply a label to both.

When I do a find for a specific version on one file in 3rd party project using the label search, the label appears. If I use the label, I get an error that it can't find the label.

For the main project using the label always works.

Additionally, I see the label for file in projects I never applied the label too...

So at this point, I am trying to determine exactly what files do have my label and try to figure out why the label is present in search for everything...

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Have you tried opening Source Control Explorer, File -> Source Control -> Labels -> Find Label

Then just double click on the label you want to see.

SO Article

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Ah! It was teh double clicking on the label step I was missing. So close, yet so far... +1 for you. – Shire Dec 2 '09 at 13:23

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