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I am looking to distribute a symfony web app, but don't want to reveal its source code.

I know it is tough to obfuscate PHP, but I was wondering if there are any closed or open source solutions to obfuscate and/or encode the backend code so that someone receiving the app can run it but wouldn't be able to view the source code?

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phc (a PHP compiler) has an --obfuscate flag

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That seems like the best option, I'll be sure to try it out. Thanks! –  JB Lesage Dec 7 '09 at 15:13

IonCube is a PHP encoder. It means that all your customers will need to install the ionCuber libraries on their server, which they may not want to do.

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Ah, quite true. I had a look at their website and balked at their prices... I think I'll try something open source. In the closed source arena there is also Zend Guard as well but their prices are even higher than IonCube (as far as I remember). –  JB Lesage Dec 7 '09 at 15:15

I think Ioncube and Zend Guard don't work with symfony because the autoloading.

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