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I have a model in play framework

public class XYZ extends Model
    public int a; 
    public String field1; 
    public String field2; 

In my index.scala.html I need to generate field1 and field2 dynamically.
I have an object xyz of XYZ class.
I need to get the value of xyz.field1.
I generate the string field1 dynamically in my code using "field".concat("1") and now I need to convert this string to a field so as to call xyz.field1.
I am not able to figure out how to do this conversion in my scala.html file.

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Because Scala (and thus Play 2 templates) are statically typed you will have trouble with this kind of thing. One option might be to add a method to your class that converts it's fields to a Map, and then access that with your dynamically-generated keys. – Mikesname Aug 18 '13 at 18:11

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You can use reflections to get a field by its name, even in a template.

 @classof[XYZ].getField("field" + fieldNum).get(xyz)

If you have only a two fields, a simple if/else would probably a better way to get the fields values. If it's more complex create a method in your model and use some switch statement or a map, like Mikesname suggested.

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