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My company have a web application product for distribution planning and scheduling. An important part of it is a gantt chart component where user can fine tune the schedules. Currently the gantt chart component is pure javascript+dhtml.

I am currently looking into the possibility of moving to JavaFX to get richer interactivity and generally nicer UI. We found this (100%) Swing component called FlexGantt (http://www.dlsc.com/Java%5FGantt%5FChart%5Ffor%5FSwing.html) and curious to know whether there are any specific requirements for a Swing component to be run in JavaFX environment before we actually spend time to learn JavaFX.


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According to this link there shouldn't be any problems:


--Dirk www.dlsc.com :-)

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hi dirk. just curious, how could you found this post? :) –  bungrudi Dec 2 '09 at 14:13

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