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I was wondering if there is a library in .Net to clean up and remove unclosed tags in an html document?

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See the url below for more details:

The source of the download/project is:

I gave the other link because it contains information about a .net wrapper and setting everything up. Hope this helps!

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For C# the specific link is a project maintained by Mark Beaton, called TidyManaged – wonea Jan 10 '11 at 17:33

html agility pack

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Sorry to bother you again, I've tried to use Html Agility Pack but was not successful, what I did is to create a new HtmlDocument passing the string containing the html I want to fix in the constructor, however, I need to return the document as string which I dont know how to do it – ryudice Dec 2 '09 at 3:03
I parsed my text using the HtmlDocument class but it still leaves unclosed tags there, is there a way to remove them? – ryudice Dec 2 '09 at 3:13
Off the top of my head I can't remember, but try outputasxml, or there's another option on there to fix nested tags but I'm not sure under what circumstances it works. – Luke Schafer Dec 2 '09 at 4:34
Luke, I believe your referring to the answer I just gave to my own question.… – Codygman Feb 4 '10 at 15:05
I wasn't, I've used it before, but that's a great post and thanks for sharing – Luke Schafer Feb 4 '10 at 23:26

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