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A typical chat widget will have a log of messages displayed in chronological order with the most recent message at the bottom. An input field is usually displayed below the log.

Comment systems, like those on YouTube, seem to vary. Some display most recent comments up top, while some display most recent comments at the bottom. The location of the input field seems to change as well.

Is there a best practice as to what display order/input position should be used when displaying data that is sensitive to a timeline (like chat messages and comments)?

I'd be especially interested in any user experience studies that have been done.

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It depends on your primary use case.

Chat Model

Chatting is typically done with the most recent message at the bottom. This makes it easier to catch up from the last point you read. This model also applies to email (such as GMail's interface.) For use cases where it might be desirable to read sections in chronological order, I would sort the messages from oldest to newest (most recent on the bottom.)

Reverse Chat Model

However, for certain types of information, it might be more desirable to have the most recent message first. For example, tweets. There's not really a point in reading through a history of tweets since they might not relate or build on each other.


If it makes sense, I would allow the user to choose the ordering they wish. Some people might prefer viewing items in the reverse of what you might think is intuitive.

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I like the idea of having an invert option to reverse the display order. –  Anton Dec 2 '09 at 22:44

English is written from top to bottom. To me, it makes sense to organize chat histories like this as well, and have the display widget always scroll to the bottom to show the most recent message (for English, at least). Otherwise, you would have to read the bottom messages first from the top line to the bottom, then read UP to the PRIOR message then read DOWN for that whole message, then read UP to the next message... easier to follow the pre-existing flow of the language.

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Which language is written bottoms up?!? –  Shankar R10N Dec 2 '09 at 5:16

Chat Type Applications

Most recent message on the bottom method is best.

Comment Type Applications

For comment type applications it depends. For example, for a user who reads the comments for the first time, it'll be easier when the of most reacent message is at the bottom. But, for those who tracking the comments continueously, it'll be easier to have the most recent message at the top. It depends, so it's better if you let user choose what he wants through a system like "Stackoverflow".

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In whatever way the user viewed it last. Provide a button to change the direction, and save the user's preference. Set the default to whatever direction the majority of the people in your office that you show your prototype to prefer it.

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