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How can I achieve an inverse match so that for example

 getAllTextMatches $ "foobar  bar    bl   a" =~ pattern :: [String]

would prodcuce a list of strings that are not multiple whitespace.

I've tried

getAllTextMatches $ "foobar  bar    bl   a" =~ "(\\s\\s+)" :: [String]

which returns me this list as expected: [" "," "," "]

Now I tried to negate the expression the following way

getAllTextMatches $ "foobar  bar    bl   a" =~ "(?!\\s\\s+)" :: [String]

which returned [""] whereas I wanted to receive this:

["foobar", "bar", "bl", "a"]

Or as another example whereas

getAllTextMatches $ "foobar /* bla */ bar bl a" =~ "/\\*[^*]*\\*/" :: [String] 

returns ["/* bla */"]

I woud like to receive: ["foobar "," bar bl a"] by negating "/\\*[^*]*\\*/"

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What you are looking for is a split:

split your string with your original pattern and you will obtain what you want.


you can try to match with:




where \K is a pcre feature that resets the begining of the match.

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@DominikDanter: You are right these patterns don't work, I remove them. –  Casimir et Hippolyte Aug 18 '13 at 22:09

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