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I am developing an app in cakephp with user auth. Users will add their customer names every time they get orders. So I want to have an auto complete textfield for customer name to add orders. Each user will have their own set of customer names.

  • So should i create a big text to store customer names(all terms with comma seperated)

    / or /

  • varchar for each term (1 term in 1 record)?

I will use foreign key to separate users customers.

I am planning to use jQuery ui auto complete with sourcing terms from the customer table values.

My big concern is database capacity, I would like to save the space in database because I have other tables and a lot of users too.

(I do not have a programming background, so please forgive me for my typo)

Thank you.

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Use multiple records, one for each term. That is what databases are designed to store.

If you store all the terms in a comma separated list, you will discover that there are lots of things that you cannot easily do.

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Thanks a lot Gordon. I saw wordpress tables, wp_options are stored in a "longtext" data type. That is why I thought I can use the same method. But as you said I am going to use 1 to 1 method. I feel your method is easy – Theepan K. Aug 18 '13 at 22:43

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