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I'm trying to import this library to my workspace in Eclipse, and so far I'm getting that many resources are not found in the files.

The library mentions that it depends on ViewPagerIndicator to work, which is imported fine in my workspace.

I tried cleaning/building the project again and nothing. For the sample app in the BetterPickers library, I added ViewPagerIndicator and its own library using Project Properties -> Android -> isLibrary -> add

The picture shows how my package explorer and the java files from the library look like:

library is BetterPickers library, libraryV is ViewPagersIndicator's library and ListSample is the example for BetterPickers.

enter image description here


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The library in question is set to build with the new Gradle-based build system, so it may take some work to shoehorn it into Eclipse.

Beyond that, make sure that your library project is set to build with API Level 16 or higher, as that is what the build.gradle requests.

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Thanks, but it did not work. Even though that everything seems to be on its respective folder, there are many resources that are not found in the Library. The project is only failing to load because of its library errors. So, will I need to change to Android Studio? (I really don't want to) – Luis Lavieri Aug 18 '13 at 23:37
@LuisLavieri: The errors in your screenshot are because your library project's build target is too low, from what I can tell. – CommonsWare Aug 18 '13 at 23:44
Sorry, but I don't think I'm following you. I already tried changing the build target to the example in properties -> android -> build target = 16. But, nothing. The java files from the library are completely broken. – Luis Lavieri Aug 19 '13 at 0:12
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This was a few months back, and I forgot to post the answer. But, here it is.

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