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I've read http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/dd/, but still have no clue how to register a drag event.

I'm using jsPlumb.draggable to make all the .w class divs draggable, and I wanted to call a hander when the element gets dragged.

Is the following coding valid?


            Y.all(".w").on('drag:drag', function() { alert('Do Something Here'); });


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I don't think you can listen to the drag event using jsPlumb.

YUI has a Drag class which is the one that fires the drag event. Usually you'd create an instance of this class and that would be enough to make your node draggable.

var dd = new Y.DD.Drag({
  node: '#foo'
dd.on('drag:drag', function () {
  // do something

But jsPlumb creates a hidden Drag instance and keeps it to itself. There doesn't seem to be a way to retrieve that Drag instance. My recommendation would be to open an issue in jsPlumb's GitHub asking for a way to do this.

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