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I'm using Minimod.PrettyPrint. For multidimensional lists and arrays, the PrettyPrint() function inserts line breaks between elements automatically if the elements are over a certain length.

My question is - How do I control when the line breaks happen between array elements? Specifically, I'd like all array elements to have a line break between them. For example, I would like the function

// myArray is of type int[][] 
myArray.PrettyPrint(/*insert customization here to make the line break*/);

to output

  [<elements of myArray[0]>],
  [<elements of myArray[1]>],
  [<elements of myArray[2]>]

By default, PrettyPrint() will print this as

 [[<elements of myArray[0]>],[<elements of myArray[1]>],[<elements of myArray[2]>]]

if the length the string written by PrettyPrint() is below a certain length.

There is an overload of PrettyPrint() that takes an object to customize the output, but I can't find examples of how to use it.

Edit: I've tried

PrettyPrintMinimod.Settings settings = new PrettyPrintMinimod.Settings();

and it doesn't seem to do anything. If I pass settings.PreferMultiline(false) to an array with many elements, I still get line breaks, and if I pass settings.PreferMultiline(true) I don't get line breaks.

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It works OK for me:

var test = new int[][] { new int[] {1,2,3}, new int[] {4,5,6} };

var settings = new PrettyPrintMinimod.Settings();

It produces output like this:


If that's not really what you're after, there's always the nuclear option - write your own formatter:

settings.RegisterFormatterFor(typeof(int[][]), o => {
    var array2d = (int[][])o;
    return "[\r\n" + string.Join(",\r\n", 
        array2d.Select(array1d => "\t[" + string.Join(", ", 
            array1d.Select(s => s.ToString())) + "]")) + "\r\n]";


Which produces output like this:

    [1, 2, 3],
    [4, 5, 6]
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