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In JIRA a resolved issue can have different resolutions: e.g. Won't Fix, Cannot Reproduce, Fixed etc. I had been using JIRA without Greenhopper and using these resolutions was part of the workflow.

Now I'm using JIRA+Greenhopper with Kanban boards and I'm trying to extend the workflow to have few steps associated with the Resolved step:

  • In QA which is Status:Resolved,Resolution:Done;
  • Won't Fix which is Status:Resolved,Resolution:Done;
  • Backlog which is Status:Resolved,Resolution:Backlog;
  • etc;

When trying to edit the workflow I learned that it is not possible to have two steps that correspond to one status (Resolved). Is this the case?

At the moment it actually is not possible to set the issue to any resolution different than Done as

  • the 'Resolve' button is not available on the issue screens (I already asked here about the missing button).
  • I have tried to set up a new transition which would move the issue into Status:Resolved, Resolution:Won't Fix but I'm hitting the problem that for active workflows if there are no outgoing transitions already defined you cannot create new ones.

Questions: Is it possible possible to map two workflow steps to one status? Am I missing something and the Won't Fix, Cannot reproduce resolutions don't fit into the Greenhopper way of thinking?

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I recommend creating a JIRA workflow from scratch and provide detailed steps in Practical JIRA Administration (O'Reilly). I also recommend having a 1:1 mapping of JIRA step name to status name, and JIRA doesn't do 2:1 mapping. I think you probably want to create new statuses for your workflow, e.g. In QA.

The system resolution field is designed as a kind of sub-status for one, maybe two, statuses. People usually use it just with Closed.

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