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I am newbie in Elastic Search. When I create the instance Client for the Elastic Search using java, it creates no of threads(around 16 threads). How I can put limit on number of threads created by Client? What will be the pros and cons of changing default settings?
I got some information from this link.

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As you can see in the sources, the TransportClient you create to connect to a cluster uses a ThreadPool.

So it seems this settings also affect the client side.

This post may give you some insight of how the thread pool can affect your application performances:

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I tried sending the setting file to TransportClient # Search thread pool 1 threadpool.get.size: 2 # Index thread pool threadpool.index.size: 1 But still it shows me 16 threads in debug console of eclipse – Sach Aug 19 '13 at 9:02

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