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i have written a javascript function thats posts a form and redirect to home page . Im using window.location.replace to get to home page. but instead of replacing the url the function is appending the url in front of current url. Whats the problem?

    $('#submit_fourth').click(function () {

    // send data to server to save in table dbo.aspnet_Users  =================================================
    var firstname = $("#firstname").val();
    var lastname = $("#lastname").val();
    var username = $("#username").val();
    var password = $("#password").val();
    var email = $("#email").val();
    $.post("/Account/Register", { FirstName: firstname, LastName: lastname, UserName: username, Password: password, ConfirmPassword: password, Email: email });
    //send information to server
    alert('Congratulations! Your account has been sucessfully created.');
    //get back to the login screen

current url is after register button click it becomes i want url lyk this

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I assume you are using a form onsubmit event to call some function, if so you have to prevent the default behavior by return false; (for example)

window.location.replace("absolute-address"); /*window.location.replace('http://example.com/#' + initialPage); */
return false; //prevent the default behavior of the submit event
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Ok but replace() stumps me sometimes so i mentioned it. Waiting for the guy to upvote or accept the answer then I can remove the later part –  Swaroop Nagendra Aug 19 '13 at 7:08
its still appending the url instead of replacing it :|. i have tried both window.loaction and window.location.href still no successs –  rao Aug 19 '13 at 7:18

You can also using this code to set your ideal url...

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