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I have a macbook air and space is premium. I have a vagrant instance which has been growing in size from 2 GB to 8 GB now

I was looking at options for reducing the disk size found a few tutorials for VDI, but the actual file is a vmdk file. but the tool to manage vmdk file is a commercial licensed tool from vmware

why does vagrant use vmdk as default format?

is there a way to configure the vagrant file to force save disk as vdi instead of vmdk?

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Simple answer is NO.

When exporting in VirtualBox, it supports OVF/OVA ONLY. Vagrant 1.0.x base boxes are basically tar files of the VirtualBox exports. It changed a little bit in 1.1.x and 1.2+.

Anyway, technically you should still be able to convert the VMDK to VDI but you will have to re-attach it to the existing VM or create new one using it.

For example: VBoxManage clonehd in.vmdk out.vdi --format VDI

Refer to => http://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/boxes/format.html

In the past, boxes were just tar files of VirtualBox exports. With Vagrant supporting multiple providers, box files are now tar files where the contents differ for each provider. They are still tar files, but they may now optionally be gzipped as well.

Box files made for Vagrant 1.0.x and VirtualBox continue to work with Vagrant 1.1+ and the VirtualBox provider.

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