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I've been looking for a light weight IDE for writing game in javascript with cocos2d-html5 framework and I found sublime text a really good choice.

I am using Sublime Text 2 and I have installed package control and Sublime CodeIntel successfully.

Then I created a folder in my game project with a config file containing the framework path:

   "JavaScript": {
      "javascriptExtraPaths": [

But here is the problem:

Here is part of the code:

this.cliLayer = CLILayer.create(700, 250);

If I "Ctrl+Click" at the “CLILayer” then the "CLILayer.js" file will be opened correctly. Then I "Ctrl+Click" the "addLog" hoping that it will bring me the to the definition inside the CLILayer.js but it just gives me a warning saying:

"Evaluation this.cliLayer.addLog ...... could not resolve first part of this.cliLayer.addLog".
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Like all dynamic language static analysis, SublimeCodeIntel has shortcomings what comes to symbol definition scanning. In this case it cannot resolve the type of this.cliLayer because the type of this cannot be known.

For more information about how to tune it and alternative addons please see this blog post of mine.

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