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How can I run a Streaming Map Reduce job remotely on Azure Cluster using C#? My mappers and reducers are written either in Java or C++. The .Net C# SDK's job execution method takes JobType in input so I am unable to specify type of C++ and Java based mapper/reducer.

There is another class StreamingProcessExecutor which seems like appropriate for my case but no where it takes my credentials in input so I think it won't be possible to use it for remote execution.

Anyone know how to execute a streaming map reduce job remotely and programtically?

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I found a class WebHCatHttpClient of .Net Hadoop SDK which can be used for this purpose. Though I am still unable to successfully run a job remotely.

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It is possible to execute this using WebHCat.

Documentation is here

Simply make REST calls to the endpoint below: https://<clusterDnsName>

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