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I am currently working on my own implementation of a MVC framework. I would like to know how to add language layer to my framework so that it could support multiple languages other than english. What's the role of unicode in this case?

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Frameworks frequently utilize a concept of "localization files" (.po files as a standard) to do UI translation. In your view and controllers, whenever you want to show a piece of text, instead of calling

echo "Hello"

You'd do

echo MyFramework::Translate("Hello")

That Translate() function just looks up the right .po file, and based on the passed in "ID" of the phrase, returns the desired localized text.

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If you use a static call to do this, you couple your code to your framework. It's better to dependency inject your translation component, else decorate your object with a translation decorator to handle these sorts of things. Static calls pointing toward global mutable state are not the way forward. –  Jimbo Dec 1 at 12:45

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