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I'm new in cakePHP and I need to have a custom input field in my blog post.

I explored:

ckeditor - problematic in file uploading from directory.
TinyMCE - Having problem in integrating new version to cakePHP 2.3.8.

Can someone direct me to some up-to-date sample of these editors? or any guide how to make my own custom editor. Or any suggestions what other alternatives I can use?

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Not sure if I understood what you want... A WYSIWYG editor in CakePHP? Correct? –  pudelhund Aug 19 '13 at 8:14
Yes, that's waht i mean –  never Aug 19 '13 at 8:20

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So I hope I got that right: you need a WYSIWYG editor on your CakePHP blog. You do not want to use ckeditor as you are experiencing file uploading problems. After a quick search fpr "wysiwyg cakephp" I found several links, including a "setup guide":


More on tinymce helpers...


Another link collection:


if you are looking for another WYSIWYG editor try the following link list:


Or this editor:


Hope that helps...

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