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From my understanding of Nutch, when Nutch is doing a recrawl and attempts to fetch a document that no longer exists, it generates a 404 and sets the status of that document to DB_GONE. When I recrawl with Nutch it generates the 404 error , but when i do a:

readdb folder/crawldb - stats

it shows the file as db_unfetched as opposed to db_gone. This is causing big problems as I cannot keep my Solr index up-to-date

If you want to check my Solr or Nutch set-up then follow my blog guides and it should be pretty identical: http://amac4.blogspot.co.uk

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Check db.fetch.retry.max property in nutch configuration file. By default it set to 3. Only after maximum number of retries nutch will mark the document as db_gone. i.e. by default after 3rd retry nutch will mark a document db_gone, before that status will remain db_unfetched.

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Thank you so much! –  Allan Macmillan Aug 20 '13 at 8:53

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