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How to download JNLP with a code base of https i.e. from embedded secure jetty? I have to download JNLP file from embedded jetty wit https configuration

Before that I am downloading the server certificate to client side and then trying to lauch the JNLP file from the jetty. If I download it from jboss, its working fine. But If I download it from jetty, I have to set the flag for setNeedClientAuth as true. Then only its downloading the JNLP and getting launched.

Why is it like this? I want to know the right way of doing it.

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You don't have to set 'needClientAuth' to true unless your undisclosed security constraint specifies 'SSL Client Certificate'. Your question is unclear and also appears to be off topic. –  EJP Aug 19 '13 at 23:17

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