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We need to get web page HTML source document loaded on the PIE web browser in windows mobile. source code that we tried is listed below:

IDispatch* pHtmlDocDispatch;
IOleCommandTarget* pOleCommandTarget;
WEBVIEWLib::IPIEHTMLDocument2*         pHTMLDocument2;
WEBVIEWLib::IPIEHTMLWindow2*           pHTMLWindow;

IPIEHTMLElementCollection* pHTMLElementCollection;

hr = pWebBrowser->get_Document(&pHtmlDocDispatch);

if (pHtmlDocDispatch != NULL)

     hr = pHtmlDocDispatch->QueryInterface(IID_IPIEHTMLDocument2,   (void**)&pHTMLDocument2);

hr = pHTMLDocument2->get_parentWindow(&pHTMLWindow);

pHTMLDocument2->get_innerHTML() ... oh. bugger.

We have found that getting innerHTML() method is missing in Windows Mobile version of web browser control(PIE).

Now how should we obtain a HTML document from the PIE control. Is their an possible solution?

Thanks, Ramanand

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Well, I've never developed for PIE, but I know the IE activeX interfaces reasonably well. If you have an IDispatch* pointer for the document element, you should be able to just use the IDispatch interfaces to get the DISPID for "innerHTML" and then call Invoke with DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET to get the value.

Similarly DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT should be able to set the value, though it bears mentioning that to do a propertyput you may need to also include a named arg with DISPID_PROPERTYPUT in it.

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