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I've been unable to find any clear, useful information regarding this issue. Basically, I've been working with a MySQL Server on version 4.0.25 on a clients project and we came to the conclusion that, given the criticality of this DB to the operation, we would implement backups of this DB.

It happens that the hardware where the DB is running is +8 years old and the database is huge (> 13GB) causing issues with the server's normal operation.

So I'm thinking of doing a full backup every weekend (when operation calm down) and doing an incremental backup everyday, thus minimizing the impact of a backup on the server.

This version of MySQL doesn't support incremental backups by default so I'm looking for a solution that is able to do it either commercial or, preferably, free and/or open-source.

Can anyone point me to a good solution, capable of running on Windows Server 2003?

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Replication is an option. Replicate the database to a separated backup server, and run your backups on the backup server. You might even be able to replicate to a server running a newer version. Anyways, maybe it is time to upgrade your server. If really it is critical to your business, then you might get funding for a spanking new $200-server :) –  RandomSeed Aug 19 '13 at 13:45
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