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I am trying to recognize a string like this one: file=2013/08/something_320x480.jpg and to replace it in JavaScript.

Here is my regex:

newStr = str.replace('/file=\d+\/\d+\/.+\d+x\d+.jpg/', 'irrelevant');

I also tried

newStr = str.replace('/file=.+\.jpg/', 'irrelevant');

However, my string is never replaced. What am I doing wrong?

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The regexp literal does not take apostrophes.

newStr = str.replace(/file=\d+\/\d+\/.+\d+x\d+.jpg/, 'irrelevant');
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Damn, what a rookie mistake :( Thanks! –  Banana Aug 19 '13 at 10:37

Are you sure the file is set as you say it is? I just tried your example in the console and it works...

> var a = "file=2013/08/something_320x480.jpg"
> a.replace(/^file=\d+\/\d+\/.+\d+x\d+.jpg$/, 'irrelevant');

Update: I didn't spot that you had apos' in your regex, well spotted @Taemyr

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