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I have a json object such as:

var json = {
    "title": "Math Symbols: ¬",
    "sections": [
        "The ¬ symbol",
        "¬ and y"       

I need to replace all instances of the "¬" character with something that looks like the Mathematical symbol for x: sample.

Side note: I can't use that actual symbol (html entity &#119909;) because the Arial font i'm using doesn't support it. So I was planning on replacing "¬" with <span class="math">x</span> and styling the math class with Times New Roman & italic.

I can't change the Arial Font, and I don't need any other Math symbols - MathML support or the like isn't necessary.

Something like this would be ideal:

json = json.replace("¬", "<span class='math'>x</span>");
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This converts the JSON into string

JSON.stringify(json).replace(/¬/g, "<span class='math'>x</span>")

and then you could convert it back to JSON

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Great thanks. Works fine. – aaronjbaptiste Aug 19 '13 at 10:44

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