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Does anybody know how can one set PDF tags using Perl::API2 perl module?

Is it related to the following subroutine:

@attributes = $pdf->infoMetaAttributes('CustomField1');
print "Supported Attributes: @attributes\n";

Any reference how to do this with this Perl module?


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If you're using PDF::API2 (I think that's what you meant to type), the info method allows you to obtain and modify the PDF tags. The infoMetaAttributes is used to obtain or modify the list of possible tags themselves, not to provide values for one or more of them.

So, to set the author to "Fred":

$pdf->info ('Author' => 'Fred');

To find the current author:

my $author = $pdf->info ('Author');

To show 'em all:

my %tags = $pdf->info;
for my $tag (keys %tags) {
    print $tag, " has value ", $tags{$tag}
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