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I Think I've got some weird situation here. Hmm, dunno if I can't do something like these below.

The 1st Query without regex

{attributes: { $all: [ 
{'value_boolean':true,'ref':ObjectId("5199ec7bd005602c8b000002")} ] }

This query resulting one record exactly.

The 2nd Query with regex on value_string field.

{attributes: { $all: [ 
{'value_boolean':true,'ref':ObjectId("5199ec7bd005602c8b000002")} ] }

This query doesn't fetch anything. I think it should show the same result as the first one

Example of a Books record.

 "attributes" : [ 
                 { "value_string" : "bwOBtHQx",
                   "ref" : ObjectId( "5199ec31d005602b8b000000" ) }, 
                 { "value_string" : "ikigzuy",
                   "ref" : ObjectId( "5211d045d005609a65000000" ) }, 
                 { "value_boolean" : true,
                   "ref" : ObjectId( "5199ec7bd005602c8b000002" ) } ]


  1. The "attributes" field is already indexed.
  2. "attributes" is an Embedded Document(s) in Many relationship.
  3. It works when I use $in operator, but not exactly match the elements I'm looking for.

Is there any alternative?

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'/iki.*/' isn't a regex, it is actually a string, you wanna take out the quote literals, in PHP you wanna use MongoRegex – Sammaye Aug 19 '13 at 11:16
Sorry for that, edited. – Khalid Adisendjaja Aug 19 '13 at 11:23
Hmm after a bit of searching I have come to the conclusion (without having a MongoDB to double check this) that $all with not evaluate data types such as regex nested within its query object. You could use $and for this instead – Sammaye Aug 19 '13 at 11:28
@Sammaye tried that but not working either. db.Customer.find({ $and: [ {'attributes':{'value_string':'bwOBtHQx','ref':ObjectId("5199ec31d005602b8b00000‌​0")}},{'attributes':{'value_string':/iki.*/,'ref':ObjectId("5211d045d005609a65000‌​000")}},{'attributes':{'value_boolean':true,'ref':ObjectId("5199ec7bd005602c8b000‌​002")}} ] }).explain() – Khalid Adisendjaja Aug 19 '13 at 11:38
Yes that will not work, you are using object matching there, you need to combine that with $elemMatch (I think that's what it will take, you might be able to just use the positional operator, not sure if it matters to you) – Sammaye Aug 19 '13 at 11:44

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