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I am developing a plug-in that runs in several host applications, and which maintains its own threads using the boost::thread library, version 1.53.0.

When running my plug-in in a particular application on Mac, I get a null access error when calling boost::condition_variable::timed_wait(). At the top of the call stack is a call to pthread_getspecific(), which is called from inside the boost thread library.

If I replace timed_wait() with a call to boost::this_thread_sleep(), same behaviour: exception is thrown when pthread_getspecific() is called internally.

This application is the only one which exhibits this kind of behaviour; if I run my plug-in in other hosts, it works as expected.

I don't have much experience with pthreads, but I think the exception must be caused by some properties being set up by the host application. Does anyone have any better idea of what might be going on here?


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It turns out that the pthread API calls where not thread safe in my application, causing null pointer crashes whenever I called them in a separate thread.

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I've taken this answer to mean: – fionbio Aug 29 '14 at 0:20

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