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   from scipy.spatial.distance import seuclidean #imports abridged
   import scipy

   img = np.asarray(Image.open("testtwo.tif").convert('L'))

   img = 1 * (img < 127)

   area = (img == 0).sum() # computing white pixel area

   print area

   areasplit = np.split(img, 24) # splitting image array

   print areasplit

  for i in areasplit:
  result = (i == 0).sum()
  print result             #computing white pixel area for every single array

  minimal = result.min()      
  maximal = result.max()

  dist = seuclidian(minimal, maximal)

  print dist

I want to compute distances between array elements, produced from splitting an image. Python can`t recognize the name of a distance functions (I have tried several of them and variuos approaches to importing modules). How to import and call these functions correctly? Thank you

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Are you getting specific errors? –  doctorlove Aug 19 '13 at 11:23
Please show the exact code that you used, and the complete error message. –  Warren Weckesser Aug 19 '13 at 14:36

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You haven't stated what the error is, but you are using numpy as well and I can't see an import for that Try

import numpy as np
import scipy

Then try

dist = scipy.spatial.distance.euclidian(minimal, maximal)
dists = scipy.spatial.distance.seuclidian(minimal, maximal, variances)

Note - the standardised euclidean distance takes a third parameter.

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This won't work. import scipy does not import all the subpackages. You must use import scipy.spatial (or some variation such as from scipy import spatial, and the drop the prefix scipy. and just use spatial.distance, etc.). –  Warren Weckesser Aug 19 '13 at 14:34

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