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I encountered the following issue with data.table when aggregating, using .SD and specifying lapply with stating the FUN argument from lapply explicitely. Is this unexpected behaviour or am I just missing something. Why can I not explicitely state FUN in lapply? The following is a reproducible example.

dt <- as.data.table(iris)
dt$Sepal.Length[sample(1:nrow(dt), 10)] <- NA
dt[, lapply(.SD, function(x) sum(!is.na(x), na.rm=TRUE)), by = Species]
      Species Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width
1:     setosa           47          50           50          50
2: versicolor           46          50           50          50
3:  virginica           47          50           50          50
dt[, lapply(.SD, FUN=function(x) sum(!is.na(x), na.rm=TRUE)), by = Species]
Error in ..FUN(FUN = Sepal.Length) : 
  unused argument(s) (FUN = Sepal.Length)


Filed as bug: #4839. (Arun's fix now in v1.8.9)

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I don't think you're missing anything. You should probably file a bug here linking to this post. Good catch!

This happens because, when you use lapply with .SD (in j), data.table tries to find if there's a way to optimise overhead due to function calls if possible. However, in this process, instead of calling the function:


where ..FUN = function(x) sum(!is.na(x), na.rm=TRUE), it becomes:

..FUN(FUN = Sepal.Length)

Since the function has no argument called FUN it gives back the error. You can verify this by changing x to FUN in your function call:

dt[, lapply(.SD, FUN=function(FUN) sum(!is.na(FUN), na.rm=TRUE)), by = Species]
#       Species Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width
# 1:     setosa           49          50           50          50
# 2: versicolor           44          50           50          50
# 3:  virginica           47          50           50          50

Internal: By looking at [.data.table function, one way to fix this would be to re-write the line:

txt <- as.list(jsub)[-1L]
# [[1]]
# .SD

# $FUN <~~~~ this name FUN gets caught up in building the expression later
# function(x) sum(!is.na(x), na.rm = TRUE)


txt <- as.list(jsub)[-1L]
names(txt)[2] <- ""
# [[1]]
# .SD

# [[2]]
# function(x) sum(!is.na(x), na.rm = TRUE)

Running CHECK finished successfully.

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ok thanks, filled as bug report. –  jwijffels Aug 19 '13 at 14:26
+1 Well spotted and nice fix Arun. Now committed to v1.8.9. –  Matt Dowle Aug 19 '13 at 23:23

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