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Let's keep it short :)

listbox1 has a list of words listbox2 has some random sentences

I want to check if the current item in listbox2 contains any of the words listed in listbox1. How to accomplish that?

What I got so far, is an loop for listbox2, but I don't know how to compare with the other listbox

For l_index As Integer = 0 To lst1.Items.Count - 1
    Dim l_text As String = CStr(lst1.Items(l_index))
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Does listbox2 have sentences as items, or words as items? – FraserOfSmeg Aug 19 '13 at 13:23

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    For Each s As String In ListBox1.Items
        If ListBox2.SelectedItem.ToString.Contains(s) Then
            'it contains the word
        End If
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