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I'm building an API with Sinatra (using Angular for the client side and want others to have access to API) and have it also be an OAuth provider. I am wondering what the best route to take (work off existing gems or roll own solution off Warden or something).

Have used devise and doorkeeper for authentication and oauth before with Rails, wondering what best solution for Sinatra is.

Ideally I don't want the views or be able to extend/mod the actions of an existing solution, as I'm interacting with it purely as an API.

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you might want to checkout grape github.com/intridea/grape –  babydudecoder Oct 17 '13 at 12:10

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See Sinatra API Authentication.

Quick summary:

  • Sinatra has no built-in auth.
  • It's best to build auth yourself (see the link).
  • There are gems available, but you probably won't need them for something as simple as an API.
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