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This is my list multi dimensiosn :

     <div id="tree">
    <li id="205">205
            <li id="206">206
                        <li id="208">208</li>
                        <li id="209">209</li>
                        <li id="211">211
                             <ul><li id="212">212</li>
                                 <li id="213">213</li>

    <li id="207">207
                         <li id="210">210</li>

When using Jquery plugin sortable , i can only drag and drop elements which they are in the same 'ul' tag , for exemple , if i drag the "212" tag and i dropped it after "213" tag , the plugin works fine , but if i drag "212" tag and i drop it after "206" , it did'nt work .

here is my function :

 $("#tree ul").sortable({ 

         opacity: 0.6, 
         cursor: 'move',
         containment : '#tree',
         grid : [10, 10]


thinks for help .

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You should use connectWith: .someClass feature in jQueryUI. Its in the documentation. Here is your jsfiddle example updated.

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thinks for your fast response .. –  Mbarek Oussama Aug 19 '13 at 14:10
Anytime. Glad to be of help –  Shaunak Aug 19 '13 at 14:10

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