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If i have 4 rows and want to select rows based on a single column's distinct values and dont mind which info it uses for the rest of the row, how do i do this? There doesn't seem to be a 'distinct' function for single cols whilst maintaining rest of row data.


Name, value
john 1
john 2
michael 3
michael 5


john 1
michael 5

note it could have been john 2 or michael 3, i dont care which row for John or Michael it uses for the rest of the values.

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GROUP BY Name and use any aggregate function with the value MIN or MAX since you don't care about the value of it:

SELECT Name, MIN(value)
FROM table
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Try this

select a.* from TAbleName a
    inner join 
     select distinct name,min(Id) as id  from TAbleName  
      group by name
    ) as b
    on a.name= b.name
    and a.id=b.id
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