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Using Codeigniter I want to make my home.php restricted to only registered users but when I try following

I get access to home.php(which is in views). I thought that CI has some restriction for this type of request but its not.So now how can I solve this.

Should I do this in .htaccess? OR I should add php code at the top of home.php which will check for valid session data etc.

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In your application folder make .htaccess with this:

Deny from all
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@DeiFrom I used Deny from all to restrict access to assets but now even the registered user cannot see it stackoverflow.com/questions/18316445/… –  Labeeb Aug 19 '13 at 14:47
I am using this method. It was there by default when I downloaded the CI. You need to make controller for this. Lets say: Controller user method home and there you will load the view with: $this->load->view('home'); –  DeiForm Aug 19 '13 at 15:00


For the best security, both the system and any application folders should be placed above web root so that they are not directly accessible via a browser. By default, .htaccess files are included in each folder to help prevent direct access, but it is best to remove them from public access entirely in case the web server configuration changes or doesn't abide by the .htaccess.

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