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how to check permissions on a table in sybase ase 15-2. I wan to check all the existing permissions on a table.

I tried exec sp_helprotect 'dbo.mytable'

Also How to check what are all groups are having what are all permissions on a table?.

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sp_helpgroup will list groups in the current database.

sp_helpgroup GROUPNAME will list the groups members.

sp_helprotect TABLENAME will list the permission details (must be a table in the current database)

sp_helprotect USERNAME will list user's permission details

Please take a look at some the Sybase System Administration Guides 1 & 2. As a new user to ASE, you will find many of your answers there.

System Admin Guide 1

System Admin Guide 2

SyBooks Online for ASE

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There is a system table sysprotects where all the user and group permissions are stored. You can join with sysusers to obtain the results.

SP: sp_helprotect gives you the required information.

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