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Suppose I have this class:

public class MyClass {
    public String myMethod() {

What I want is when my application starts, to send the result that myMethod() returns to a certain channel in Spring Integration. What I have tried:

<bean id="myClass" class="myPackage.MyClass"/>

<int:inbound-channel-adapter channel="channelINeedToSendTo" ref="myClass" method="myMethod">
    <int:poller cron=""/>  <!-- poller configuration -->

Now what can I configure in poller is to call myMethod() at a certain time, on regularly on a certain scheduling, but I wanted to be run exactly after the application started (something like @PostConstruct). Is there a simple way achieving this, without complicated AOP techniques?

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You can add an Event Inbound Channel Adapter to capture the ContextRefreshedEvent Application Event; then wire that adapter to a <service-activator/> that invokes myMethod(); the result will be on the output-channel.

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