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I was trying to write a directive which allows us to delete values from a list. The HTML and Javascript code are as follows


<body ng-app="evalModule">
    <div ng-controller="Ctrl1">
        <input type="text" ng-model="newFriend"></input>
        <button ng-click="addFriend()">Add Friend</button>
            <li ng-repeat="friend in friends">
                <div class='deletable' index-value = {{$index}} delete-function="removeFriend(frndToRemove)"> {{$index}} {{friend}} </div>


function Ctrl1 ($scope) {
    $scope.friends = ["Jack","Jill","Tom"];

    $scope.addFriend = function () {

    $scope.removeFriend = function (indexvalue) {
        var index = $scope.friends.indexOf(indexvalue);
        $scope.friends.splice(indexvalue, 1);

var evalModule = angular.module("evalModule",[]);

evalModule.directive('deletable', function(){
        restrict : 'C',
        replace : true,
        transclude : true,
            indexValue : '@indexValue',
            deleteFunction : '&'
        template : '<div>'+
                        '<div> X </div>'+
                        '<div ng-transclude></div>'+
        link:function(scope, element, attrs){
            var del = angular.element(element.children()[0]);

            function deleteValue () {
                var expressionHandler = scope.deleteFunction;
                expressionHandler({frndToRemove : scope.indexValue});
                console.log("deleteValue called with index" + attrs.indexValue);

Link to JSFiddle

Why do I need to call scope.$apply even though the code is bound as an event to button click event. According to the docs here http://docs.angularjs.org/guide/scope this should be part of "Angular realm".

Can somebody help me understand angular realm while clarifying the above? Any feedback on improving the above code would also appreciated.

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button click is not ng-click. Read about angular's compile > link phases. that should give you a good overview. –  Davin Tryon Aug 19 '13 at 15:42

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As @DavinTyron said, a button click event is an outside event, not part of "Angular realm". So you need to call $scope.$apply() in order to trigger a digest cycle and update the DOM.

In your case, though, you don't need to bind the click event manually. You may use ng-click instead:

template: '<div>'+
          '<div ng-click="delete()"> X </div>'+
          '<div ng-transclude></div>'+
link: function(scope) {
    scope.delete = function () {
        scope.deleteFunction({frndToRemove : scope.indexValue});
        console.log("deleteValue called with index" + attrs.indexValue);                

Since ng-click is being used, there's no need to call $scope.$apply(). Here's a modified version of your jsFiddle.

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