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I have read a lot of articles online and have yet to find a resolution to my problem. I am using Selenium webdriver:

    Capybara.default_driver = :selenium
    Capybara.javascript_driver = :selenium
    class FirefoxBrowser
      Capybara.register_driver :firefox do |app|
          client = Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::Http::Default.new
      client.timeout = 280
          Capybara::Selenium::Driver.new(app, :browser => :firefox, :http_client => client)

Here is the gemfile:

gem "rspec"
gem "ZenTest"
gem "cucumber"
gem "selenium-webdriver"
gem "capybara", "~> 2.1.0"
gem "capybara-webkit", "~> 1.0.0"
gem "simplecov", :require =>false, :group => :test
gem "capybara-screenshot"
gem "autotest", "~> 4.4.6"
gem 'json', '~> 1.7.7'
gem "rack-test", require: "rack/test"
gem "poltergeist"

I am running some ruby code using capybara similar to the following:

visit 'https://username:password@website.com/other_params'

this call will return an XML with information regarding whatever call i made. from there, i check to see if the page has what im looking for:

page.should have_content("content")

Unable to find xpath "/html" (Capybara::ElementNotFound)

This worked before we upgraded to capybara 2.1.0

Now that we have upgraded i cannot seem to get this fixed. Any suggestions?

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Try to update your selenium-driver (it works for me) :

gem 'selenium-webdriver', "~> 2.34.0"
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That did not work for me. I put that line in my gemfile, ran a bundle. That didnt work so i ran bundle update and i am still getting the same error message. –  tSebastian Aug 20 '13 at 14:18
For the latest: rubygems.org/gems/selenium-webdriver –  givanse Dec 5 '13 at 21:13

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