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I'm looking for a way to do fast communication between the android phone and google app engine. Normal http request us taking almost 1 second or more. Is there any API which I can use for faster communication.

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Your App Engine application is most likely experiencing loading requests. If your application is receiving infrequent traffic or is encountering large traffic spikes new instances will need to be initialized (i.e. your code will need to be loaded for the first time). This makes your requests take longer.

To resolve this issue, set the number of minimum idle instances (do not alter the pending latency or the maximum idle instances). If your application is experiencing traffic spikes, also consider enabling warmup requests.

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I hope this help.

You can use Channel API for one way communication with sockets.


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With channel API I can only receive the messages quickly but not send. And it's basically for javascript websites not android apps. –  omerjerk Aug 19 '13 at 16:32

There is google cloud messaging and google cloud endpoints. Look at both.

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