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I am saving from PHP some data in assoc array. There are some Id's putted in an array and then json_encoded:

$ids = array(id => id, id2 => id2);
store in the cookie ...

I am using this plugin for jQuery:

This is the string, what is stored in the cookie with value: "xxx"


path: "/"

domain: ""

When I use this one:

var test = $.cookie( 'xxx');

I am receiving only Object as return.

How to read this array?

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Since you encoded the value with json, you are going to need to decode it/address it differently from a simple value. You must be trying to access it as a string and it tells you 'I am an object'. – williambq Aug 19 '13 at 16:30
JSON.parse() or $.parseJSON() – Jonathan Lonowski Aug 19 '13 at 16:31
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JSON and JavaScript don't support "associative" Arrays1. Their equivalent is an Object.

<?php echo json_encode(array(id => 'foo', id2 => 'bar')); ?>
{ "id": "foo", "id2": "bar" }

Their Arrays are sorted collections with indexes from 0 to length - 1 and can be generated from a non-associative array.

<?php echo json_encode(array('foo', 'bar')); ?>
[ "foo", "bar" ]


  1. JavaScript Arrays can be given non-numeric keys after they've been instantiated, though such keys will not be counted in the length.

Beyond that distinction: to treat the cookie as either an Object or Array, you'll need to parse it with either JSON.parse() or $.parseJSON().

var test = JSON.parse($.cookie('xxx'));

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