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I finally decided to download OpenAL, and OpenALUT. Upon writing my first bit of code, I came across a slight issue. Everytime I compile, I get the error listed in the title. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code listed below, thanks. PS: I am using Code::Blocks.

#include <AL/al.h>
#include <AL/alut.h>

#define NUM_BUFFERS 1

int main()

    ALuint buffers[ NUM_BUFFERS ];

    alGenBuffers( NUM_BUFFERS, buffers );


I don't expect a real result out of this, I just expect that it compiles. I'm fairly certain it's an issue with my installation of OpenAL, although I am sure I did everything correctly...

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It was my fault, I didn't link the libraries correctly. If you are having this error, then make sure you have linked them correctly, and/or they are the correct bit type, compared to the rest of the files.

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