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So, this isn't an absolute need, but I am curious and might like to use it at some point if it exists...

I've developed a site (not my design) in which certain areas of text have a text-shadow, and I noticed that when said text is highlighted, it's not very legible. I am aware of and utilizing the ::selection CSS selector along with appropriate browser prefixes to remove the text-shadow on highlight.

My question is whether there's anything that can override the highlighting defaults when text remains selected and the focus is removed from the page?

Example: I do a select-all and by default (Mozilla), selected text gets a blue background. I then ... say, start messing with Firebug, or open a smaller window over my browser. All the highlights turn gray. I can change the behavior of the blue with the ::selection property (color, background, text-shadow, etc.), but the gray's behavior remains unchanged. Does such a thing exist?

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Yes you can use selectors with the ::selection

for example try this for a specific paragraph with the class gray

.gray p::-moz-selection { color: gold;  background: red; }
.gray p::selection      { color: gold;  background: red; } 

or even a div with the class gray

.gray div::-moz-selection { color: gold;  background: red; }
.gray div::selection      { color: gold;  background: red; } 

I am not sure the compatibility with this but it works for me in FF, Chrome and IE9

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how it will remove text-shadow after selection or hover??? –  Ritabrata Gautam Aug 19 '13 at 17:53
text-shadow: none; But i think his question was more about how to select specific elements with the ::selection he does say "I can change the behavior of the blue with the ::selection property (color, background, text-shadow, etc.)" –  Travis Aug 19 '13 at 17:59
It's more about which defaults I'm able to override. The ::selection property allows me to mess about with how a site visitor sees text that they have highlighted. However, this override does not carry over when focus is removed from the site (but the page is still visible). –  feelinferrety Sep 23 '13 at 6:05

anything that can override the highlighting defaults

...so i am giving a different solution without ::SELECTION

ul li a{
text-shadow:4px 4px #000000;
ul li a:hover , ul li.active a{


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The styling in question is not based on anchor tags, nor on hover. It is for selection only, namely selection when focus is not on the page... the ::selection style works when focused on the page, but default takes over otherwise. –  feelinferrety Sep 23 '13 at 6:03

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