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I know that I can create a dta file if I have dat file and dictionary dct file. However, I want to know whether the reverse is also possible. In particular, if I have a dta file, is it possible to generate dct file along with dat file (Stata has an export command that allows export as ASCII file but I haven't found a way to generate dct file). StatTransfer does generate dct and dat file, but I was wondering if it is possible without using StatTransfer.

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Yes. outfile will create dictionaries as well as export data in ASCII (text) form.

If you want dictionaries and dictionaries alone, you would need to delete the data part.

If you really want two separate files, you would need to split each file produced by outfile.

Either is programmable in Stata, or you could just use your favourite text editor or scripting language.

Dictionaries are in some ways a very good idea, but they are not as important to Stata as they were in early versions.

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Thank you very much. This is the command I was looking for. –  Metrics Aug 19 '13 at 18:36

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