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I'm extremely new to Flash/ActionScript, but I've done some C#, Java and C++... Anyway, my question is:

If I have a MovieClip called bird1, and I need to do the following:


Where bird2 and bird3 are exact copies of bird1, just new instances....
How can I do that until say doStuff(bird30); without having to copy it 30 times and write it all out?

Thanks in advance..

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You should assign class name to the symbol of bird in the library:

  1. open library F11
  2. select bird movie clip
  3. open symbol properties window (right click->properties)
  4. select "Export for AS" check box
  5. assign class name for the symbol, for instance MyBird

Now you can instantiate you class as many times as you want by the code:

doStuff(new MyBird());
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